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Who is the Best PreSales Professional You Know?

How do you match up, and what can you do to become even better?

Who We Are

Aman Y. Agarwal

Hey! I’m Aman. I used to be a solutions engineer. It was fun and I was really good. But I did wonder: what would it mean to be the best in the world? So I convinced Lidia to write a book about it together. Come follow our adventure.

Aman’s Website

Lidia Vasileva

Heya, Lidia here! Thanks for joining us! As dramatic as it sounds, getting a job in pre-sales changed the course of my life. Combine my fascination with tech and give an outlet to my social and creative side? Yes, please! I hope I can help someone find their own path one day – and this project is a big step to that goal.

Lidia’s Website

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